How much will it cost me?


Our prices are based on the square footage of the home and the type of home being inspected, i.e. single, double, etc. Below is our general price structure. We do not have any hidden fees and tax is included in all prices. Please contact us, or book your inspection through our booking portal, for exact pricing. All Home inspection packages can add radon measurement for a special bundle fee. 

Home Inspections and New Property Inspections

  • Starting at $340.00

Muli-family up to four units

  • Starting at $400.00 includes 2 units

  • $30.00 per additional unit

Condo/Townhouses/ Apartments

  • Starting at $300.00

Annual Property Review (APR)

  • Starting at $150.00

Radon Measurement

We perform Radon Testing as an ancillary service for $175.00. *Note: Short term Radon tests require closed conditions in the lowest livable area for a minimum of 12 hours prior to test. Our CRM monitors have safety and tamper protocols built into them. If there is any interference 12 hours prior or during the test another test will need to be conducted. 


Radon testing can be added to any inspection service for $85.00


Military, Police and Fire

  • $30.00 off


  • 10% off Home Inspection

Realtor Group/ Association of the Month: Hunt Realty

  • $25.00 off

Add Ons:

Travel 25

  • Only applies if you're an hour and thirty minutes outside our primary service area